run.exe fails to start XWin on Windows 8.1 through the shortcut

Achim Gratz
Wed Aug 12 20:58:00 GMT 2015

Jon TURNEY writes:
> Not sure if this is the cause of this problem, but after a bit of
> staring at file_exists_multi(), I notice that run2_fileExits() doesn't
> initialize t when it returns FALSE, so perhaps the following is a good
> idea?

The only way I can see this happening is when the initalisation of t
gets hoisted out of the loop, and if the compiler thinks that is OK to
do it should not matter if the initializer is an explicit NULL or
implicit 0.  Even if the initializer gets hoisted, the loop never enters
with t non-NULL unless some truly horrible optimization is going on.

But it seems that there are different types in the call vs. the
signature, C string vs. ustr, so where does run get the ustr_*
definitions from on Cygwin?

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