Cygwin64, 'unzip -d' misbehaviour vs. Cygwin32

Marco Atzeri
Tue Sep 30 09:06:00 GMT 2014

On 30/09/2014 08:35, Wladimir Mutel wrote:
>      Dear all,
>      I have a .zip archive on a different NTFS filesystem than Cygwin64 TMP
>      folder (say, .zip on I: and TMP on C:). I create a temporary folder
>      by 'mktemp -d' and then try to unpack .zip archive into that folder :
>      unzip -d $folder $archive
>      I notice that files are unpacked into I:\TMP\ folder instead of
>      C:\Cygwin64\tmp\ (unzip recreates temporary subfolder with same name
>      inside I:\TMP\, while initial subfolder under c:\cygwin64\tmp\
>      remains empty)
>      Trying to work around this problem, I do this :
>      p=$(pwd)/$archive # archive is relative path under /cygdrive/i/ ,
>                            # so I construct abs.path
>      ( cd $folder
>        unzip $p ) # in subshell to keep current pwd unchanged
>          Then I get a message like :
> unzip:  cannot find either /cygdrive/i/path/ or
> /cygdrive/i/path/
>      Even more, unzip -v /cygdrive/i/path/ invariably fails
> in this way under Cygwin64. What I see is that unzip accepts only
> relative paths for archive files. And that it improperly handles
> specified unpack directory (-d).
>      No such problems are observable under Cygwin32. unzip works exactly
> as specified with both absolute and relative paths, as well as with
> unpack folder on different filesystem from .zip archive.
>      Please try to reproduce my findings and fix them on Cygwin64 side
>      or tell me how could I fix them myself (if it is my personal problem).
>      Thanks in advance for your help.

works fine for me on any relative or absolute destination

$ unzip software/windows_utilities/usb/ -d 
Archive:  software/windows_utilities/usb/
   inflating: /cygdrive/c/temp/pippo/USBDeview.exe
   inflating: /cygdrive/c/temp/pippo/USBDeview.chm
   inflating: /cygdrive/c/temp/pippo/readme.txt

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