Cygwin64, 'unzip -d' misbehaviour vs. Cygwin32

Wladimir Mutel
Tue Sep 30 07:32:00 GMT 2014

	Dear all,

	I have a .zip archive on a different NTFS filesystem than Cygwin64 TMP
	folder (say, .zip on I: and TMP on C:). I create a temporary folder
	by 'mktemp -d' and then try to unpack .zip archive into that folder :
	unzip -d $folder $archive
	I notice that files are unpacked into I:\TMP\ folder instead of
	C:\Cygwin64\tmp\ (unzip recreates temporary subfolder with same name
	inside I:\TMP\, while initial subfolder under c:\cygwin64\tmp\
	remains empty)
	Trying to work around this problem, I do this :
	p=$(pwd)/$archive # archive is relative path under /cygdrive/i/ ,
                           # so I construct abs.path
	( cd $folder
	  unzip $p ) # in subshell to keep current pwd unchanged
         Then I get a message like :
unzip:  cannot find either /cygdrive/i/path/ or 

	Even more, unzip -v /cygdrive/i/path/ invariably fails in this way 
under Cygwin64. What I see is that unzip accepts only relative paths for archive 
files. And that it improperly handles specified unpack directory (-d).

	No such problems are observable under Cygwin32. unzip works exactly as 
specified with both absolute and relative paths, as well as with unpack folder 
on different filesystem from .zip archive.

	Please try to reproduce my findings and fix them on Cygwin64 side
	or tell me how could I fix them myself (if it is my personal problem).

	Thanks in advance for your help.

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