[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: bash-4.1.13-6

Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E] BBuchbinder@niaid.nih.gov
Mon Sep 29 22:57:00 GMT 2014

Eric Blake sent the following at Monday, September 29, 2014 5:29 PM
>On 09/29/2014 03:23 PM, Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E] wrote:
>> Eric Blake (cygwin) sent the following at Saturday, September 27, 2014 2:14 AM
>> Using the new version of bash, two scripts that I use have both started giving me
>> the following error message(s).
>> /usr/bin/bash: error importing function definition for `BASH_FUNC_make-log'
>> /usr/bin/bash: error importing function definition for `BASH_FUNC_configure-log'
>> /usr/bin/bash: error importing function definition for `BASH_FUNC_prt-alias'
>These functions contain '-' in their name; that's a limitation of
>the downstream forked patch I applied early to get 4.1.13-6 out the
>door. Upstream solved it in a nicer manner, so you can once again have
>functions with '-' in the name. Please try again with the just-released

I understand that to mean that 4.1.14-7 will be able to export functions with '-' in
their names.

>> I was able to get rid of this by commenting out the functions (make-log,
>> configure-log, and prt-alias) and removing them from the list of functions being
>> set and exported in ~/.bashrc.  I rarely use these functions and would be unlikely
>> to use them in a subshell so that works as a solution.
>Having the function wasn't the problem, it was exporting it. You can
>still have the function even in 4.1.13-6, as long as you don't export

Changed to underscores.  All is well.

>> Another thing happening is that some scripts are now sometimes giving this error
>> message, but only when the problem function exports are not being exported.
>> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
>Umm, that's not good. Can you please come up with a minimal reproduction
>formula? Which program is dumping core? Bash, or something else? Is it
>due to trying to execute the function that was not imported?

It wasn't reproducible, but a while after I sent my email various windows stopped
responding, I couldn't close them, the machine wouldn't shut down, and ended up
unplugging the machine so I could reboot.  Let's assume that something unrelated
to cygwin was going on.

>> Any hints about what I should look for to make export of my bash shell functions
>> reliable?
>Upgrading to the next version :)

Will do!

Thanks for all your help.

- Barry
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