command line smtp client / command line email?

D. Boland
Mon Sep 29 08:50:00 GMT 2014

Hi Marilo,

Marilo wrote:
> what are my options for a command line smtp client in cygwin?
> I'd want to specify smtp server and from address. I'd like TLS/SSL to be supported by the command
> sendmail , doesn't look like it exists on cygwin and I know on *nix it shuts down any postfix server so I guess it mighttry to shut down any smtp server I have running.
> heirloom mailx  looks good, but doesn't exist for cygwin.
> I can't see anything for sending an email from/in cygwin

I almost finished porting Sendmail for Cygwin. It does not shut down Exim or
Postfix, but it needs an open port 25 to the outside. Most ISP's don't allow this.

The 'email' program can be configured to use the SMTPA (AUTH) port 465 of your ISP.
I've been using it for over a year now. No corrupt message body yet.


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