command line smtp client / command line email?

Thomas Wolff
Sun Sep 28 19:17:00 GMT 2014

Am 28.09.2014 19:20, schrieb Marilo:
> what are my options for a command line smtp client in cygwin?
> I'd want to specify smtp server and from address. I'd like TLS/SSL to be supported by the command
> sendmail , doesn't look like it exists on cygwin and I know on *nix it shuts down any postfix server so I guess it mighttry to shut down any smtp server I have running.
> heirloom mailx  looks good, but doesn't exist for cygwin.
> I can't see anything for sending an email from/in cygwin
There is ssmtp which runs smoothly and is configured sufficiently 
easily. I've been using it with a wrapper script to add some comfort in 
composing a mail.
There is also 'email' but beware, it's broken and sometimes silently 
corrupts email bodies, so you'd better not use it until it gets fixed.

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