No file name completion for file names start with underscore

Eliot Moss
Thu Sep 25 00:09:00 GMT 2014

On 9/24/2014 6:19 PM, Paul.Domaskis wrote:
> Andrey Repin <anrdaemon <at>> writes:
>> Paul.Domaskis wrote:

> Can anyone suggest how the bash-completion man page is acccessed, and
> what M-/ means?

M is for "meta", as in the meta escape key functionality in Emacs.
This will work according to the bash command line editing facility,
etc.  There are different ways to "make" meta-ness.  One, if you
set it up, is to use the Alt shift key.  Another is to type the
Escape key then the one that meta is being applied to, in this
case, Escape then / (as two separate key strokes).  I think given
this information you can dig up more.  I don't know where the
documentation is on the bash completion package, off the top of
my head.

Regards -- Eliot Moss

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