AW: ld crashes with segmentation fault when linking with libmpir.a

Tue Sep 23 22:32:00 GMT 2014

On 9/24/2014 05:27, Christoph H. Hochstaetter wrote:
> I am experiencing 100% reproducible SIGSEGVs in ld if I use link time
> optimization (-flto). See
> What actually helped is to go back to gcc 4.8.3-2 or use experimental 4.9.0.
> Maybe this works for you too although the problem is actually not ld itself
> but the gcc linker plugin cyglto_plugin.dll.
> Corinna suspects that not all of DJ's and Yaakov's changes were actually
> merged into 4.8.3-3

No, its the opposite, 4.8.3-2 and 4.9.0 does not contain DJ's changes.

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