package update for cygwin CMake

Tony Kelman
Tue Sep 23 06:52:00 GMT 2014

> today we are in the situation that
> 32 bit has cmake-2.8.9-2
> 64 bit has cmake- that was not
> uploaded by Bill if I remember right
> and the 64bit version surely need at least one patch,
> that I am aware of.
> Bill,
> I would appreciate to see both version at
> Could you take care or we should consider the package orphan ?

Bump. Any update from the cmake maintainer? Upstream is at 3.0.2 now.

I'm looking at the cygport and its patches for the 64 bit package.
I think that package was NMU'd by Yaakov last year? One of the patches
is ruby-related, another perl-related, and the last has to do with
case-sensitivity and path handling. If I don't hear anything I'll
have a look at whether they still apply cleanly to latest upstream
sources and see how building goes.


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