No file name completion for file names start with underscore

Wed Sep 17 23:30:00 GMT 2014

<Paul.Domaskis> writes:
> I'm using the following 64-bit packages:
>    cygwin 1.7.28-2 bash-completion 1.3-1
> If I am in a folder that contains file _vimrc and directory
> _vimfiles, filename completion doesn't respond.  I type "ls _" or
> "ls _v" and press tab -- nothing happens.  I can't really do
> anything about it because it took months to approve the use of
> cygwin install CDs made near the beginning of the year, but I was
> wondering the problem is reproducible by others?

Oops, my bad.  The phrase "file _vimrc and directory _vimfiles" should
read "files _vimrc and _viminfo".  The directory is actually
"vimfiles" and has no underscore.

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