Minnty and Cygwin 64 generate strange bash-completion

Gary Furash furashgary@gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 10:35:00 GMT 2014

When I run Cygwin from mintty, and try bash-completion, it tabs
several spaces, and generates an usable value.  For example, if I have
a script called "setup-python.sh", and I type "set" and then hit tab,
it seems to do "set                      ". If I then hit return, it
doesn't work because that is not a valid value.

If I do this from the cygwin.bat file (which runs it in cmd.exe), it works fine.

Operating System: Windows 7, x64
Cygwin Version: x64 Bit

Attached cygcheck results.

-- gary furash | furashgary@gmail.com, 520-907-2470 | calendar
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