terminfo and /usr/share/terminfo requirement

Andrew Schulman schulman.andrew@epa.gov
Thu Oct 30 19:20:00 GMT 2014

> I have found that terminfo is built such that it requires /usr/share
> to be available but /usr/share isn't mounted by default.  This causes
> unexpected side effects of the terminal not responding properly
> especially noticed when using the Backspace key.  In my opinion either
> terminfo needs to change its settings to use /share instead of
> /usr/share or Cygwin needs modified to automatically mount /usr/share
> like it does /usr/lib.  Or rather just automount /usr such that it
> points to / regardless of the underlying directory.  The automount of
> /usr/lib also presents an issue when the user mounts /usr to point to
> `cygpath -m /` in that any access to /usr gives a directory not found
> error when /lib doesn't actually exist.

/usr/share isn't mounted separately, at least in any Cygwin installation
I've ever had.  It's just a directory within /usr, which is within the
mount /.  

Moreover /usr/share should always exist, since many base packages store
files in it.  Does it not exist in your installation?  Do you have e.g.

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