Cygwin AD schema and configuration extensions (was Re: RFC: 1.7.33 problem with user's home directory)

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Nov 26 23:15:00 GMT 2014

On Nov 26 21:44, Habermann, David (D) wrote:
> > In the long run I'm also planning to allow replacing /etc/fstab and
> > /etc/nsswitch.conf with a Cygwin-specific AD configuration extension.
> While I can see how this might be attractive for some, I see it as
> something that must be an optional replacement of the /etc/fstab and
> /etc/nsswitch.conf files, as in my case the AD is totally outside of
> my control and these additions will never be implemented.

Sure, no worries.  I wasn't talking about removing support for the
/etc/fstab and /etc/nsswitch.conf files, but to add another technique
for admins.  The files are absolutely required for non-AD machines
anyway.  The idea was going along these lines.  At Cygwin startup:

- On a domain machine, request the configuration extension for
  nsswitch.conf from AD.  If it exists use it.
- If it doesn't exist, or if the machine is a non-AD machine, check the

Same for /etc/fstab.

After creating the passwd entry for the current user, check for
the user's cygwinFstab attribute.  If it's not empty, use it,
otherwise, or on a non-AD machine, use the /etc/fstab.d/$USER file.


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