Cygwin AD schema and configuration extensions (was Re: RFC: 1.7.33 problem with user's home directory)

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Nov 26 21:29:00 GMT 2014

On Nov 26 21:56, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Cygwin schema extension? :)
> I just created a patch and a matching snapshot on

Ok, so we have a cygwin schema extension now.  The file is called
cygwin.ldif and is in the Cygwin CVS repo.  It gets installed to
/usr/share/cygwin.  The schema extension consists of two auxiliary

  CN=cygwinUser, gets attached to CN=User and adds the attributes:


  as well as the as of yet unused


  CN=cygwinGroup, gets attached to CN=Group and adds the attribute:


The cygwinHome, cygwinShell and cygwinGecos attributes are described
in my previous mail.

cygwinUnixUid and cygwinUinxGid are supposed to be used for NFS and
Samba uid/gid account mapping, same as the posixAccount:uidNumber,
and posixGroup:gidNumber fields.  See

cygwinFstab, a multi-string attribute, is supposed to be used as
user fstab, along the lines, but replacing the /etc/fstab.d/$USER
file.  This way an administrator can predefine per-user mount points.

In the long run I'm also planning to allow replacing /etc/fstab and
/etc/nsswitch.conf with a Cygwin-specific AD configuration extension.

The idea of this, including the cygwinFstab attribute, is to allow
admins to get rid of any local system setting, to control the Cygwin
system settings entirely from AD, and to drop the requirement for
/etc being always alongside of Cygwin's /bin dir.

Do you think this makes sense?  Would you actually use these AD
extensions, or do you see your admins using them if available?


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