Is there a tool for viewing all cygwin/GNU Software submissions

Keith Christian
Wed Nov 26 20:57:00 GMT 2014

Hi Arthur,

Two ways that I know of (besides Steven Penny's "apt-cyg" method.)

1 -------- The fastest way to get the whole catalog is to run the
setup program, but stop before installing any software (unless that is
your ultimate goal.)

Open a browser and download the setup program
( for 32 bit or for 64 bit.)

Run setup, and proceed only far enough to download the "setup.ini"
file.  At that point, exit the setup program, and open "setup.ini"
with Notepad or another text editor.  You'll see the short and long
package descriptions within.

2 -------- Or, to see a list of only the package names, open a web
browser and go to  Click a link
closest to you, e.g. if in the western US, try "" or

Then, click the "x86" or "x86_64" link, then the "release" link on the
next page, and browse the list of packages.

Full info about a single package is available by right-clicking the
"setup.hint" entry, and then "Open with..." and choose Notepad or
another text editor, depending on which browser you're using.

=== Keith

On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 3:49 PM, Arthur Schwarz <> wrote:
> Is there a general tool that will allow someone to see the definition of all
> software in cygwin and allow browsing of libraries for content? If there is
> not, how can I go about creating one (any ideas)?
> What I would like to see for executables is a setup-like tool to pretty
> print information on all available software without going through setup.
> Where a library is included, I would like to see something about the
> routines included in the library.
> Info does a great job of showing information on executables which have been
> downloaded (although its presentation format is really bad), but provides no
> insight on available but not downloaded software. 'setup' provides a
> thumbnail description of all available software, but you have to use it in
> conjunction with the internet, and viewing and searching is laborious. And I
> don't know if there is anything which provides some brief information on
> library contents. I think for libraries you have to go to the provided
> application developer documentation or use one of the tools to read the
> library contents.
> So, anything there or anything I can do (to make it 'there').
> art
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