Is there a tool for viewing all cygwin/GNU Software submissions

Arthur Schwarz
Tue Nov 25 23:08:00 GMT 2014

Is there a general tool that will allow someone to see the definition of all
software in cygwin and allow browsing of libraries for content? If there is
not, how can I go about creating one (any ideas)?

What I would like to see for executables is a setup-like tool to pretty
print information on all available software without going through setup.
Where a library is included, I would like to see something about the
routines included in the library. 

Info does a great job of showing information on executables which have been
downloaded (although its presentation format is really bad), but provides no
insight on available but not downloaded software. 'setup' provides a
thumbnail description of all available software, but you have to use it in
conjunction with the internet, and viewing and searching is laborious. And I
don't know if there is anything which provides some brief information on
library contents. I think for libraries you have to go to the provided
application developer documentation or use one of the tools to read the
library contents.

So, anything there or anything I can do (to make it 'there').


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