mkdir: This folder is shared with other people

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Nov 21 10:38:00 GMT 2014

On Nov 20 22:24, Steven Penny wrote:
> Tested on Windows 7
> 1. Create a Homegroup
> 2. cd C:/Users
> Now, if you run a command like this
>     mkdir C:/Users/foo
> all is well.

Depends on your POV.  When using a DOS path, you're getting default
Windows permissions, as documented.  No special POSIX handling for
incoming DOS paths.

> However if you run a command such as this
>     mkdir foo
> "foo" then has strange permissions.

No, it hasn't.  It has POSIX-compliant permissions.  "foo" is a relative
path, the CWD is always treated as POSIX path.  The resulting absolute
path is POSIX, so POSIX permission handling is utilized.

> If you try to delete using Window Explorer,
> you get this message
>     This folder is shared with other people
>     Folder: C:\Users\foo
>     Share Name: foo

You have to forgive Explorer that it doesn't handle POSIX permissions
more correctly.  The permission settings are wrongly evaluated as
permissions of a "shared" folder, since Vista AFAIR.

> This behavior feels wrong because both cmd.exe and PowerShell do not do this.

Weird comparison.  CMD and PowerShell are not POSIX environments.


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