version of stunnel and SMTP with STARTTLS

Andrew Schulman
Sun Nov 16 18:42:00 GMT 2014

> what version of stunnel is this
> I notice that webpage has stunnel using  SMTP..with STARTTLS
> What command would do that with the stunnel that comes with cygwin?

I haven't tried his commands, but it looks like a pretty routine
application of stunnel.  However, the article was written back in 2007,
when stunnel was still in version 3.  Now version 4 is the standard, and
the syntax is different - the options he shows on the command line now go
into configuration files instead.  However, there's a script called
stunnel3 that's still provided for compability with the version 3 syntax.

So, if you just substitute stunnel3 everywhere he uses stunnel, it should

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