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Andrey Repin
Thu Nov 13 23:05:00 GMT 2014

Greetings, t s!

> just to check my understanding of the setup program, latest version 2.852 (64 bit);
> the options are install / re-install / un-install / default
> my understanding is as follows;
> choosing "install" creates a new installation of the selected cygwin components

Or upgrade.

> choosing "re-install" uninstalls the selected cygwin components, then creates a new installation

I wouldn't use the term "new installation", unless it's a completely new
installation of Cygwin.
But, yes. Reinstall will perform uninstall of the selected package, including
removal of specified files and execution of relevant scripts, then install it
again. Again, executing all relevant scripts in process.

> choosing "un-install" uninstalls the selected cygwin components
> choosing "default" updates the selected cygwin components

> so if I wish to update my local installation to the latest release, I would
> choose "default", as per the following screen capture;


Generally speaking, yes.
Though, if I were you, I would never touch the top-level spinner. We've been
there already, and we've seen the results.

> the "keep" / "cur" / "exp" radio buttons; changes what the "Default" means:
> keep the installed packages, update to  whatever the current version is or
> update to whatever the "experimental" or test version is. (thanks Achim)

Though, if you're curious (or thorough. Or both.), you may spin the list view
to "Pending" and confirm the real list of packages and their versions to be

Andrey Repin ( 14.11.2014, <01:43>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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