setup-x86.exe gives a 134 exit code installing libgvc6
Tue Nov 11 12:11:00 GMT 2014

Good evening:
I recently ran the latest setup-x86.exe to pick up the recent updates for my
Windows XP (SP3) system.  I received the following error message.
Package: libgvc6 exit code 134
>From what I can tell, this means the installation process received a
SIGABORT signal during the installation.  I've seen some other discussions
which say this can be caused by missing files (dependencies???) attempting
to be executed.  I could be barking up the wrong tree on that score though.
I've attached the output of the "cygcheck -svr" command for analysis if that
I noticed the output says "libserf0_1" is incomplete.  When I try to
reinstall it, my only choices are uninstall and keep; reinstall is not an
Brian S. Wilson

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