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PolarStorm developer@clinicsearch.com
Sat May 31 13:29:00 GMT 2014

Christopher Faylor-8 wrote
> On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 06:26:01PM -0500, Steven Penny wrote:
>>On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 5:51 PM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>> I've taken the ball back.  We don't need a new maintainer.
>>You clearly do, as I have shown.  You are just choosing not to take one
>>on.  That is your right of course.  Let us continue the status quo.
>>>I've spoken with Eric.  I'm relieved that he still wants to stay on.
>>>If his, or any other maintainer's update speed is not meeting
>>>expectations then please, as suggested, just build the packages for your
>>>own use.
> You aren't privy to my private conversation with Eric.  I'm clearly
> satisfied that he will get around to updating his packages and I am
> confident in his ability to follow through on this.


I'm a rather random but very long time user of Cygwin, and only 
occasionally read the these threads. But after having read THIS 
thread, I'm left with is a rather disgusted feeling about certain 
peoples attitudes, behavior and manners towards other users who 
offer their help in sincerity. What is more surprising is how those who
claim their moral standpoint the hardest are the ones who are the 
most rude and outright unprofessional in close to all aspects. 

The words and bickering found here, is the behavior you'd expect 
to hear from a group of teenage religions sect fanatics. I see absolutely 
no forward looking or proactive action going on here at all.

If the current maintainer is not able to do his job for whatever or 
reproductive reasons, he should give it up. These packages are not his
or your babies, they are bigger than that and your developer egos. 
Open your arms to new talent and fresh spirits. Let them prove that 
they can do what they claim and let go. 

I envy Mr.Penny for supporting this kind of verbal non-sense abuse and 
in this case, he's right on all accounts. If it would have been me, I'd
left with a FU, long ago. 

Best Wishes,

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