cygwin-bash compat/regression bug... startup line prob

Eric Blake
Fri May 2 01:33:00 GMT 2014

On 05/01/2014 04:11 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:

> The reason the above fails... (I got it to work).. is that if there is a
> space
> on the line after the "-u", that also fails.
> I didn't deliberately put one there, but that it no longer handles
> separate options is an evolution of software devolution.

It NEVER worked to put more than one option.  I don't know why you are
arguing "software devolution" when there has been no regression in
behavior, rather you are just experiencing something that has always
been this way.  And I already explained in the other message that yes
indeed cygwin is different than Linux in that trailing whitespace is
passed through on cygwin but stripped in Linux.

> But NOTE -- the above error claims it is coming from /usr/bin/bash.
> That's not my login shell nor on the shebang line.
> That's cygwin-black-magic... converting all /bin paths to /usr/bin...even
> shells?...

I already explained in the other mail that this is a side-effect of
cygwin converting to windows paths and then back during execve shebang
computation, rather than preserving the argv[0] of the user.  You are
welcome to provide a patch.

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