does using mingw-gcc require to compile all libraries with it?

Fri Mar 28 18:13:00 GMT 2014

On 3/28/2014 17:00, wrote:
> Hello, 
> I just installed mingw-gcc-4.7.3 on top of my cygwin installation. 
> Trying to build a library that needs openssl lib, I get undefined references to __errno and __getreent from this library. 
> - I understood those variables are from cygwin1.dll, is it correct? 
> - does this mean that I should build libcrypto on my own from sources using mingw-gcc also ? (and same for any other lib currently available in my cygwin installation? 
> - or am I missing some option in my build ? 

Yes, you have to build with mingw-gcc, you mustn't use any libraries
built by Cygwin gcc, since those are for Cygwin, not mingw.

> Note: I get the same lib correctly built with : 
> - mingw standalone toolchain, but I'd rather use mingw-gcc in cycgwin if possible. 
> - cygwin's gcc, but running a JNI lib that uses printf or other stdio stuff hangs the VM. 

Do not mix Cygwin with native code, use the mingw-gcc (cross compiler
from cygwin) with JNI instead.

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