LPR problem ?

Andrey Repin anrdaemon@yandex.ru
Thu Mar 27 12:40:00 GMT 2014

Greetings, David Masterson!

>>> Windows has an 'lpr' command?!?
>> Since the moment it gained TCP/IP support. Part of standard protocol
>> stack.  Along with ftp, telnet and other stuff.  And not to disappoint
>> anyone, but I've found that windows LPR works better in certain cases.

> Hmmmm.  Where (on Windows 8.1) is this 'lpr' command (or where is it
> supposed to be)?

Supposed to be in %SystemRoot%/System32/lpr.exe
Not using that Vista clone myself.

> What exactly is it used for?  How is it used?

Same as Cygwin's lpr... Sending jobs to LPD-enabled printer.
lpr /?

> I think I found it in a hidden temp directory, but I don't have any
> clues on how it is used.

Shouldn't be "in a temp directory"...

>>> It seems to be a Dell dialog box possibly produced by the printer
>>> driver.  I get it for anything that I try to print out to the printer
>>> under Windows.  It pops up in the lower right of the screen and tells
>>> you how far the printout has progressed as well as whether the ink
>>> cartridge is running out.  This, at least, gives me the clue that the
>>> 'lpr' command is "kicking" the printer if not quite kicking it
>>> properly.

>> No, but I can quite imagine this kind of annoying boxes. Epson do that
>> alot, so does HP last six or so years.  This just confirms that you
>> probably printing to localhost.  The answer could be that the
>> resulting job missing something critical, and is refused either by
>> printer driver or the printer itself.  If you print something from
>> Windows right after this failure of an experiemnt, don't your LPR'd
>> job gets out as well?  Another thought is that LPR works with printer
>> on a low level.  Which means... the document you are sending to print
>> must be preformatted in a language the printer understand. I.e. it
>> must be a plain text, PS, PCL or something of that kind.

> I had thoughts along this line too (missing formfeed at end of file?),
> but haven't devised a test yet.  Thought I might try the Windows 'lpr'
> you spoke of to see if it worked better.  The 'print' command seems to
> work, but I'm not sure if it has conversion problems (CRLF -> LF or vice
> versa) and, so, causes strange wraps in the output.  If it had more
> output controls, I'd probably just settle for that.

cat | lpr
Should spit the sheet out of the printer at the very least.
That assuming this is a hardware printer that understand basic English.

Andrey Repin (anrdaemon@yandex.ru) 27.03.2014, <13:19>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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