SQL server utility not working when invoked(from a asp.net application) using cygwin

Chris J. Breisch chris.ml@breisch.org
Tue Mar 25 02:10:00 GMT 2014

Chris J. Breisch wrote:
> Without additional details on what is or isn't happening, this is as
> much assistance as I can provide.

I lied. I had one more thought.

Your username, password, database name, sql server name don't contain 
characters that are special to bash, do they? Of the four, password is 
the most likely.

But a password might contain any of ~!@#$%^&*()+`-{}[]|\:";'<>,.?/ or 
even <space>

Any of those could cause problems in your script if they're not properly 

Hoping the filter doesn't eat this because of use of the p-word.

Chris J. Breisch

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