sox - package is broken

Christopher Faylor
Wed Mar 19 05:43:00 GMT 2014

On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 05:49:48PM -0700, PolarStorm wrote:
>David Stacey wrote
>> I was testing with
>>      cat ding.wav > /dev/dsp
>> This gives a segmentation fault with the latest (2014-03-18) snapshot; 
>> no sound is heard However, if I repeat your test:
>>      cp ding.wav /dev/dsp
>> Then that works and the ding dings. Which confuses me greatly - I've 
>> been using *nix for nearly 20 years, and I honestly would have said that 
>> the two lines above were synonymous - they're obviously not!
>Two things I can think of:
>1) With "cat" the output file is created/handled by the shell, whereas "cp"
>is doing its own file creation. You should see what's going on by:
>   strace cat ding.wav > /dev/dsp
>   strace cp ding.wav /dev/dsp
>2) Cat is trying to expand sparse files and perhaps it thinks of your
>ding.wav as containing sparse data?
>Also, I would guess, that the dsp driver should handle bit streamed input
>differently than a block copy/dump? 

Actually it was the improper passing of /dev/dsp file data to an execed
process that was the problem.


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