Cygwin install on Windows 2008 R2 - Post Install error

Karthik Durairajan
Mon Mar 17 04:45:00 GMT 2014


I have recently tried installed Cygwin (1.7.28 - 64 bit installer) on
a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 (64 bit) box. Installation completed with
following errors:

Dependency order of packages: dash libiconv2 libintl8 libgcc1
libstdc++6 terminfo libncursesw10 libreadline7 libattr1 libgmp10
libmpfr4 gawk tzcode bash coreutils libpcre1 grep base-cygwin cygwin
gzip sed rebase _autorebase alternatives findutils base-files libbz2_1
bzip2 popt libpopt0 cygutils editrights zlib0 file libargp getent
groff hostname ipc-utils less liblzma5 login xz man mintty run tar
vim-minimal which
2014/03/17 12:18:28 running: D:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe --norc
--noprofile "/etc/postinstall/"
ln: failed to create symbolic link `/dev/stdin': Read-only file system
ln: failed to create symbolic link `/dev/stdout': Read-only file system
ln: failed to create symbolic link `/dev/stderr': Read-only file system
ln: failed to create symbolic link `/dev/fd': Read-only file system
2014/03/17 12:18:28 abnormal exit: exit code=1
2014/03/17 12:18:28 running: D:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe --norc
--noprofile "/etc/postinstall/"

I did a search on this and it appears someone did already report this
issue but I couldn't find an outcome for the same? The user himself
reported back saying he fixed the issue by running selected commands
from the postinstall script (see: but I'm not sure if
I can run the same? I did a cygcheck and the output appears to be ok?
This is for POC purpose and it's imperative that I have a setup with
no install issues. It would be of great help if somebody could respond
to this. Please see below Cycheck output (I have just amended site
level info for security purposes - everything else is intact).

Cygwin Configuration Diagnostics
Current System Time: Mon Mar 17 03:36:51 2014

Windows 2008 R2 Server Enterprise Ver 6.1 Build 7601 Service Pack 1

Running in Terminal Service session

Path: D:\cygwin64\usr\local\bin

Output from D:\cygwin64\bin\id.exe
UID: 2102082(karthik)     GID: 10513(Domain Users)
10513(Domain Users)      0(root)                  544(Administrators)

SysDir: C:\Windows\system32
WinDir: C:\Windows

USER = 'karthik'
PWD = '/home/karthik'
HOME = '/home/karthik'

HOMEPATH = '\Users\karthik'
MANPATH = '/usr/local/man:/usr/share/man:/usr/man:'
APPDATA = 'C:\Users\karthik\AppData\Roaming'
ProgramW6432 = 'C:\Program Files'
SHELL = '/bin/bash'
TERM = 'xterm'
PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER = 'Intel64 Family 6 Model 45 Stepping 7, GenuineIntel'
WINDIR = 'C:\Windows'
PUBLIC = 'C:\Users\Public'
OLDPWD = '/cygdrive/c/Windows/system32'
CommonProgramFiles(x86) = 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files'
OS = 'Windows_NT'
windows_tracing_flags = '3'
windows_tracing_logfile = 'C:\BVTBin\Tests\installpackage\csilogfile.log'
!:: = '::\'
temp = 'C:\Users\karthik\AppData\Local\Temp\1'
DEFLOGDIR = 'C:\ProgramData\McAfee\DesktopProtection'
COMMONPROGRAMFILES = 'C:\Program Files\Common Files'
TMP = '/tmp'
USERNAME = 'karthik'
ProgramFiles(x86) = 'C:\Program Files (x86)'
PSModulePath = 'C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\'
LANG = 'en_US.UTF-8'
USERPROFILE = 'C:\Users\karthik'
TZ = 'Australia/Sydney'
PS1 = '\[\e]0;\w\a\]\n\[\e[32m\]\u@\h \[\e[33m\]\w\[\e[0m\]\n\$ '
CommonProgramW6432 = 'C:\Program Files\Common Files'
LOCALAPPDATA = 'C:\Users\karthik\AppData\Local'
ProgramData = 'C:\ProgramData'
SHLVL = '1'
COMSPEC = 'C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe'
SYSTEMROOT = 'C:\Windows'
PRINTER = 'HP Color LaserJet 2800 Series PS'
INFOPATH = '/usr/local/info:/usr/share/info:/usr/info:'
PROGRAMFILES = 'C:\Program Files'
VSEDEFLOGDIR = 'C:\ProgramData\McAfee\DesktopProtection'
_ = '/usr/bin/cygcheck'

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cygwin\Program Options
  (default) = '\??\D:\cygwin64'
  (default) = 'D:\cygwin64'

obcaseinsensitive set to 1

Cygwin installations found in the registry:
  System: Key: f76db13c759b51fa Path: D:\cygwin64

a:  fd             N/A    N/A
c:  hd  NTFS     51196Mb  42% CP CS UN PA FC     SYSTEM
d:  hd  NTFS     30716Mb   2% CP CS UN PA FC     Data
z:  cd             N/A    N/A

D:\cygwin64      /          system  binary,auto
D:\cygwin64\bin  /usr/bin   system  binary,auto
D:\cygwin64\lib  /usr/lib   system  binary,auto
cygdrive prefix  /cygdrive  user    binary,posix=0,auto

Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\awk
 -> D:\cygwin64\bin\gawk.exe
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\cat.exe
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\cp.exe
Not Found: cpp (good!)
Not Found: crontab
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\find.exe
Found: C:\Windows\system32\find.exe
Warning: D:\cygwin64\bin\find.exe hides C:\Windows\system32\find.exe
Not Found: gcc
Not Found: gdb
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\grep.exe
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\kill.exe
Not Found: ld
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\ls.exe
Not Found: make
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\mv.exe
Not Found: patch
Not Found: perl
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\rm.exe
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\sed.exe
Not Found: ssh
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\sh.exe
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\tar.exe
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\test.exe
Found: D:\cygwin64\bin\vi.exe
Not Found: vim

   38k 2013/07/19 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygargp-0.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygargp-0.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-07-19 15:07
   16k 2013/03/26 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygattr-1.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygattr-1.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-03-26 18:26
   64k 2013/03/07 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygbz2-1.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygbz2-1.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-03-07 02:54
   53k 2013/05/06 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygformw-10.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygformw-10.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-05-06 08:10
   67k 2014/01/29 D:\cygwin64\bin\cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll" v0.0 ts=2014-01-29 00:47
  443k 2013/10/12 D:\cygwin64\bin\cyggmp-10.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cyggmp-10.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-10-12 11:26
   29k 2013/03/14 D:\cygwin64\bin\cyghistory7.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cyghistory7.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-03-14 11:14
  998k 2013/03/07 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygiconv-2.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygiconv-2.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-03-07 03:03
   38k 2013/06/24 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygintl-8.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygintl-8.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-06-24 04:36
    6k 2014/02/09 D:\cygwin64\bin\cyglsa64.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cyglsa64.dll" v0.0 ts=2014-02-09 20:06
  129k 2013/03/07 D:\cygwin64\bin\cyglzma-5.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cyglzma-5.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-03-07 10:20
  102k 2014/03/14 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygmagic-1.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygmagic-1.dll" v0.0 ts=2014-03-14 20:52
   28k 2013/05/06 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygmenuw-10.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygmenuw-10.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-05-06 08:10
  319k 2013/05/05 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygmpfr-4.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygmpfr-4.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-05-05 13:40
   52k 2013/05/06 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygncurses++w-10.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygncurses++w-10.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-05-06 08:14
  295k 2013/05/06 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygncursesw-10.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygncursesw-10.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-05-06 08:08
   13k 2013/05/06 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygpanelw-10.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygpanelw-10.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-05-06 08:09
  289k 2013/08/04 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygpcre-1.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygpcre-1.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-08-04 23:51
   41k 2013/10/21 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygpopt-0.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygpopt-0.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-10-21 21:52
  193k 2013/03/14 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygreadline7.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygreadline7.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-03-14 11:14
  892k 2014/01/29 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygstdc++-6.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygstdc++-6.dll" v0.0 ts=2014-01-29 00:57
   51k 2013/05/06 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygticw-10.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygticw-10.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-05-06 08:08
   79k 2013/05/09 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygz.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygz.dll" v0.0 ts=2013-05-09 22:20
 3070k 2014/02/09 D:\cygwin64\bin\cygwin1.dll - os=4.0 img=0.0 sys=5.2
                  "cygwin1.dll" v0.0 ts=2014-02-09 20:06
    Cygwin DLL version info:
        DLL version: 1.7.28
        DLL epoch: 19
        DLL old termios: 5
        DLL malloc env: 28
        Cygwin conv: 181
        API major: 0
        API minor: 271
        Shared data: 5
        DLL identifier: cygwin1
        Mount registry: 3
        Cygwin registry name: Cygwin
        Program options name: Program Options
        Installations name: Installations
        Cygdrive default prefix:
        Build date:
        Shared id: cygwin1S5

Can't find the cygrunsrv utility, skipping services check.

Cygwin Package Information
Last downloaded files to: D:\cygwin64\packages
Last downloaded files from:

Package              Version         Status
_autorebase          000117-1        OK
alternatives         1.3.30c-10      OK
base-cygwin          3.3-1           OK
base-files           4.1-1           OK
bash                 4.1.11-2        OK
bzip2                1.0.6-2         OK
coreutils            8.15-3          OK
cygutils             1.4.14-1        OK
cygwin               1.7.28-2        OK
dash                 0.5.7-4         OK
editrights           1.02-1          OK
file                 5.17-2          OK
findutils            4.5.11-1        OK
gawk                 4.1.0-1         OK
getent               2.18.90-1       OK
grep                 2.16-1          OK
groff                1.22.2-2        OK
gzip                 1.4-1           OK
hostname             3.13-1          OK
ipc-utils            1.0-2           OK
less                 458-1           OK
libargp              20110921-2      OK
libattr1             2.4.46-1        OK
libbz2_1             1.0.6-2         OK
libgcc1              4.8.2-3         OK
libgmp10             5.1.3-1         OK
libiconv2            1.14-1          OK
libintl8         OK
liblzma5             5.0.4-1         OK
libmpfr4             3.1.2-1         OK
libncursesw10        5.9-4           OK
libpcre1             8.33-1          OK
Empty package libpopt0
libpopt0             1.16-1          OK
libreadline7         6.2-1           OK
libstdc++6           4.8.2-3         OK
login                1.10-10         OK
man                  1.6g-2          OK
mintty               1.2-beta1-1     OK
popt                 1.16-1          OK
rebase               4.4.1-1         OK
run                  1.3.0-1         OK
sed                  4.2.2-3         OK
tar                  1.26-1          OK
terminfo             5.9-4           OK
tzcode               2013c-1         OK
vim-minimal          7.4.182-1       OK
which                2.20-2          OK
xz                   5.0.4-1         OK
zlib0                1.2.8-1         OK
Use -h to see help about each section


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