Cygwin64 ignoring /etc/passwd shell field?

Andrey Repin
Thu Mar 13 22:04:00 GMT 2014

Greetings, Achim Gratz!

> Chris J. Breisch writes:
>>> Chris, Achim, please figure out who's going to maintain the package.
>>> If you like, you can even do this together.
>> I'm willing to defer to Achim, since he already has some patches, but
>> I'm flexible.

> So let me try to roll a test package this weekend.  I will not try to
> move out PATH setting from /etc/profile as requested by Andrey (I'm not
> sure that would even work, per the comments in the file).

Could you please post a new thread, when you are ready to discuss this change?
It's not something terrible important for me right now, nor it is the right
time to press on the matter, while you are working your way through the
forest, but I'd need some more time to see into this issue under your lights,
to see what possible breakage may happen from it.
Free time, which suddenly became sparse lately. >.>
I didn't noticed anything when I looked at it first two times, but this may
only means that I'm missing something obvious...

> I can add /etc/shells to base-files if Chuck can synchronize a re-packaged
> inetutils without it.  I'll have a look into the postinstall issues that
> Corinna mentioned.  Other than that, is there something else not yet
> mentioned in this thread that needs to be taken care of?

Andrey Repin ( 13.03.2014, <23:47>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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