rebaseall advice sought to solve forking errors.

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Mar 12 11:50:00 GMT 2014

On Mar 12 02:21, Robin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was getting other fork errors trying to install a drupal theme's gems, but
> thanks to someone on the cygwin IRC I was able to use "peflags -X409600
> `which ruby`" and "rebaseall" to finally get "bundle install" to complete
> without any reported errors. 
> However, now I have another problem with fork errors and nothing I do with
> rebaseall seems to resolve them.
> I'm getting a stream of errors similar to:
> 0 [main] ruby 2360 child_info_fork::abort: address space needed by
> '' (0x2F0000) is already occupied
> >From reading around I understand that this is because rebaseall does not
> pick up .so files?

No, that's not it.  The rebaseall script is designed to handle the DLLs
of the distro.  It picks up .dll, .so, and .oct files, but it does *not*
pick up any files which weren't installed by Cygwin's setup tool.

> Searching the internet I've found various people's solutions to similar
> problems, including a few from this mailing board. I have tried a variety of
> their suggestions based around 'rebaseall'. The closest I have come to
> getting a positive result on my system is to run 
> BaSe@BaSPCa /cygdrive/c
> $ find users/base/.rvm/ -iname '*.so' > /tmp/ 

Use an absolute path here, not a relative path.


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