setup-x86.exe exits before installation is complete

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Mar 10 14:28:00 GMT 2014

On Mar  7 18:09, Jon Beniston wrote:
> >> It seems recent versions of setup-x86.exe exit before the installation is
> >> complete. Without the --no-admin option, the main installation is run as
> a
> >> child process, and the parent doesn't wait for the child to complete.
> This
> >> can cause a bit of a problem for other installers that install Cygwin (as
> >> when setup.exe exits, Cygwin isn't installed).
> >> 
> >> Is something like the attached patch appropriate? It just waits for the
> >> child process before exiting.
> >
> >Why don't you just run your installer as admin and use the --no-admin
> >option?
> I can't immediately see a way to do that with the installer package I'm
> using, but I can probably find a workaround.
> However, I thought the patch might be useful for anyone else who also
> installs Cygwin via some form of script or installer, as this reverts the
> default behaviour to as it was until recently.

"Recently" is more than three months ago...

It's kind of annoying having two setup processes in memory for no
apparentl reason.  However, I see your point.  Therefore I applied
a variation of your patch which waits for the elevated child if the
-W or --wait option is ginve on the command line.

Hope that helps,

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