Mount / Access is Denied

Andrey Repin
Sun Mar 9 18:08:00 GMT 2014

Greetings, Cicero Silva Luiz Junior!

> Hi everyone,

> I'm having some trouble getting Cygwin x86_64 to install. Whenever I
> try to install it says "Mount - Access is Denied". When I click OK it
> just closes.

> I'm starting setup with the -B parameter, because I simply want it to
> install to a directory and not touch any OS settings.

Cygwin by itself doesn't touch any system settings.

> I have tried many other tricks but it always says "Mount / Access is
> Denied". I have even tried using x86 only version, but it fails exactly the
> same way.

Do you have rights to write to directory you're trying to install it to?...

Andrey Repin ( 08.03.2014, <16:48>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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