Install packages (-P option) listed in a file?

Andrew Schulman
Sat Mar 8 10:31:00 GMT 2014

> My Google-fu seems to be weak this morning. 
> Does the -P option to the installer support reading packages to be installed from a file instead of directly from the command line argument? If so, what's the syntax (I tried -P@filename).  Remember this has to run in a Windows cmd shell, so solutions like
>     setup-x86.exe -P$(paste -d, -s filename)
> are not allowed :-)

This may not be exactly what you want, but my standard solution for years
now has been to maintain a cmd script like this:

setup-x86.exe ^
--quiet-mode ^
--packages ^

and so on. The caret (^) character at the end of every line is the line
continuation character in cmd scripts. The list of package names is
comma-delimited, which is what the --packages option expects, although
that's not documented.

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