Testers needed: New passwd/group handling in Cygwin

Frank Fesevur ffes@users.sourceforge.net
Sun Mar 2 13:21:00 GMT 2014

2014-02-28 22:08 GMT+01:00 Corinna Vinschen:
> That's not really a problem but a case of "it is as it is".  To get the
> user and group info, Cygwin has to contact the DC and/or GC and then
> runs into a timeout.  Right now, the LDAP timeout is set to 3 seconds.
> I don't know yet if it's such a bright idea to lower this timeout value.

I understand why it happens. And three seconds are not the problem.

It is just a bit confusing to activate the shortcut and for 3 seconds
nothing seems to happen. First time I double-clicked again because I
though it wasn't working at all. Obviously a bit later two terminal
showed up. If mintty would should up empty and "wait" those three
seconds before something happens it is more clear it just takes some
startup time. But maybe that is more a mintty problem.


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