Simplify AD integration?

Achim Gratz Stromeko@NexGo.DE
Wed Jul 30 14:38:00 GMT 2014

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
> 1. Shall we remove the leading '+' from the builtin account names
>    or shall we keep it?

I'd rather keep it since it's a good reminder where that comes from.
> 2. Shall we stick to '+' as the separator char or choose another one?
>    If so, which one?

WJFFM at the moment, so I don't see a pressing need for variability.

> 3. Shall we keep the `db_prefix' variability or choose one of
>    the prefixing methods and stick to it?  If so, which one, auto,
>    primary, or always?

I'd rather keep this, although "auto" is all I use at the moment.  BTW,
would it be possible to recognize PRIMARYDOMAIN+user and (auto) user be
recognized as the same thing when auto is in effect?  The ability to
explicitly specify the prefix even though it isn't necessarily displayed
would most likely remove much of the potential need for variability in that
department (and defuse the booby trap in chown).

If you keep it, then there's an obvious candidate missing: "local+other",
which should prefix all accounts except the primary domain ones.  So it'd be
better to simply flag which groups to prefix, I'd think ("local", "primary",
"other") and specify this like symbolic modes in chmod, perhaps?

> Bonus question:
> 4. Should Cygwin downcase all usernames when generating the Cygwin
>    username, so, if your Windows username is 'Ralph', your Cygwin
>    username will be 'ralph'?

I'd be in favor of this since I've already had two users that wouldn't see
their home directories until I figured out that they'd have their names
capitalized in AD...  as long as Windows is unable to distinguish users
based on the case there shouldn't be a problem.


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