Simplify AD integration?

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Jul 30 13:47:00 GMT 2014

Hi folks,

here's a set of question to those of you interested in the new
passwd/group functionality.  This already has been discussed partially,
but there was no conclusion.

Right now, there's a lot of variability in the user names, based on the
/etc/nsswitch.conf settings db_prefix and db_separator.

The separator char is a '+' by default but can be replaced with other
ASCII chars.  db_prefix allows three styles of user naming conventions:

  Default is 'auto':

    builtin accounts;   "+SYSTEM", "+LOCAL", etc.
    primary domain      "corinna", "cgf", ...
    other domain:       "DOMAIN1+walter", "DOMAIN2+mathilda"

  If set to 'primary':

    builtin accounts;   "+SYSTEM", "+LOCAL", etc.
    primary domain      "MYDOMAIN+corinna", "MYDOMAIN+cgf", ...
    other domain:       "DOMAIN1+walter", "DOMAIN2+mathilda"

  If set to 'always':

    builtin accounts;   "NT AUTHORITY+SYSTEM", "BULTIN+LOCAL", etc.
    primary domain      "MYDOMAIN+corinna", "MYDOMAIN+cgf", ...
    other domain:       "DOMAIN1+walter", "DOMAIN2+mathilda"

"Primary domain" here is either the primary domain of the machine or the
local SAM if the machine is no domain member.  "Other domain" here is
either a trusted domain or the local SAM for domain machines.

Together with the variable separator char this is an awful lot of
variability, which has the potential side effect to complicate the
code *and* debugging.

Also, the leading '+' for builtin accounts results in some downsides,
one of them for instance the fact that `chown +x' assumes that x is a
numerical uid or gid.  Thus `chown +SYSTEM ...' fails.  On the other
hand it simplifies the account handling inside of Cygwin.

So I'd like to ask a few questions to which I'd like to have some brief
answers, kind of like a poll, to get a better idea how we should

1. Shall we remove the leading '+' from the builtin account names
   or shall we keep it?

2. Shall we stick to '+' as the separator char or choose another one?
   If so, which one?

3. Shall we keep the `db_prefix' variability or choose one of
   the prefixing methods and stick to it?  If so, which one, auto,
   primary, or always?

Bonus question:

4. Should Cygwin downcase all usernames when generating the Cygwin
   username, so, if your Windows username is 'Ralph', your Cygwin
   username will be 'ralph'?


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