The eternal uid issue

D. Boland
Tue Jul 29 14:02:00 GMT 2014

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> The permissions of the home folder are set to 01777 by default (S_ISVTX
> bit!).  Since we can't rely on central administration for Cygwin, this
> allows a user to create her own homedir automatically at first start of
> a Cygwin shell.
> You might consider to disable this full patch check in sendmail for
> Cygwin.  Is there some configuration flag, maybe?

If I make the 'Users' group owner of the /home folder and remove the world-writable
bit, Sendmail doesn't complain anymore. I found out that everybody who is logged on,
will be put in the 'Users' group anyway. 


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