Some programs (vi, ssh) crash when screen buffer height is big

Nellis, Kenneth
Mon Jul 21 12:32:00 GMT 2014

> From: sous lesquels
> <snip> 
> > If you can't wait, then read the message using your browser and click
> > on the "Raw text" link near the top. The first line will say something
> > like From cygwin-return-191383-listarch-cygwin=...
> > Note the message number 191383.
> > Then you send an empty message to and it
> > will mail you back the specified message. You can then reply to it and
> > your reply will be threaded.
> Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Agree it's not the most direct
> method, but then again solves all the situations I could think of
> requiring a physical email message that can be replied to.
> Thanks for the tip Ken!

Glad to help.
I'm thinking it should be dirt simple for the web site maintainer
to add a hyperlink right on the message web page, perhaps under the
"Raw text" link, which would say something like "Request this message".
It would simply be a mailto: link with the correct message number added.
I'm thinking this could make life much easier for digest readers,
like myself. In the example above, the link would be:
<a href="">Request this message</a>
The only trick would be inserting the proper message number.

--Ken Nellis

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