Subject: Re: setting character set in mintty

Pawel Jasinski
Tue Jul 8 15:32:00 GMT 2014

>> The way I understand it, mintty sets the LANG variable according to
>> user settings.
>> Would it make sense for mintty to invoke "cmd /c chcp <selected>"
>> (SetConsoleOutputCP)?

>mintty does not use the console at all.  A chcp call doesn't make
>any sense.

Sorry for asking stupid question. My knowledge of cygwin internals lacks.
However, I can see that for every mintty window (and bash) I get a
conhost process running. I assume that it is where the character
setting is stored for non-cygwin processes started from bash.
Again, it is my naive believe, that somewhere there maybe a convenient
place to call SetConsoleOutputCP with argument matching content of the
LANG environment variable.


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