Why do I need Cygwin for Yeoman?

Clare Sudbery clareworking@claresudbery.co.uk
Fri Jul 4 09:01:00 GMT 2014


I know this will seem a very facile question, but I have checked Google 
and searched your archives, and I can't find the info I am looking for.

I am currently working through a Yeoman tutorial (here: 

I am a .NET MVC Windows developer with JavaScript front end experience, 
but I have never used Linux or Yeoman.

The tutorial recommends using Cygwin as a command prompt ("Most of your 
interactions with Yeoman will be through the command line. Run commands 
in the Terminal app if you’re on Mac, your shell in Linux, or Cygwin if 
you are on Windows.").

I had never heard of Cygwin before, so I assumed it was just an enhanced 
command prompt. I see from the home page that Cygwin is used to do Linus 
dev in a Windows environment. I have no plans to do any Linux dev, but I 
thought I may as well use whatever tools were being used in the Yeoman 
tutorial. So I downloaded Cygwin... and it took several hours!

At the very end of the Cygwin download, my anti-virus software (Avast) 
blocked an infected file 
so I had to finish with "download incomplete".

Nothing has been installed. After such a gigantic download, I am wary of 
running the setup exe - given that I thought I was just installing a 
command prompt.

Do I actually NEED Cygwin to use Yeoman? Can I just install a Cygwin 
command prompt and leave the rest?

I have no experience of Linux or Unix and therefore didn't understand a 
lot of the terminology on Cygwin's homepage or what I saw when I 
initiated the download. As far as I can tell, I just want a command prompt!

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