Windows 7 64 Bit - Mounting Network Drives

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Jan 24 19:32:00 GMT 2014

On Jan 24 15:58, Damian Harty wrote:
> > Are you starting mintty as admin?  That might explain it.
> I'm not observing a difference between running mintty as normal and right-clicking and doing "run as administrator". If that wasn't what you were asking, then I apologise.
> It seems if I start a cmd shell "standalone" and run c:\cygwin\bin\tcsh.exe -l then it works. If I put "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /K C:\cygwin\bin\tcsh.exe -l" into the properties box and start it, then it fails.
> At this point, I am fully baffled but at least I have a workaround - start the shell from the windows command prompt.

But that should really not be necessary.  There's no reason that
starting from a Windows console shows the drives as OK but starting
mintty shows them as Unavailable.  The drives are user token bound, and
the user token in the mintty window is the same as the token in the a
console window.

Just for testing, did you try to access the drives from mintty?

I mean, assuming you start mintty, what happens if you do this (and only
this) after starting it:

  $ net use
  $ id
  $ ls /cygdrive/h
  $ net use


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