Windows 7 64 Bit - Mounting Network Drives

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Jan 24 13:45:00 GMT 2014

On Jan 24 09:53, Damian Harty wrote:
> O learned Denizens,
> I'm best described as a feverish fumbler rather than some sort of expert. However, I have been around the block a few times but now I find myself feeling like a newbie again.
> I've just realised that in my new place of employment, my Windows 7 64 Bit laptop isn't seeing the network drives under cygwin the way it used to "by magic" in my old place of employment.
> I can mount them using, amazingly, the mount command - or make this "permanent" in the /etc/fstab file:
>     H:   /cygdrive/h ntfs binary 0 0
>     Z:   /cygdrive/z ntfs binary 0 0

Don't do that.  The /cygdrive prefix is the default POSIX path prefix
for drives mounted by Windows.  Any drive X: is automatically available
as /cygdrive/x.  You can change the cygdrive prefix in /etc/fstab (I'm
using /mnt, for instance), but you can't manually mount stuff under the
cygdrive prefix path.  Ths *is* documented:

Remove the above mount points, exit your Cygwin shells, and try
again.  If the H and Z drives still don't show up under your /cygdrive
prefix, they are probably not really mounted in your Windows session.


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