RFD: cygwin ACLs: NFS or POSIX model: ease in adapting to CIFS ACLs?

Larry Hall (Cygwin) reply-to-list-only-lh@cygwin.com
Wed Dec 24 03:49:00 GMT 2014

On 12/21/2014 06:25 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:
> I seem to remember that the cygwin ACL's were based on NFS acls not
> the POSIX ACL's.  From this snippet I read on the Samba list,
> it seems there are some "very difficult" [nightmarish] cases
> where NFS causes CIFS compatibility problems.  Is this only
> NFSv4 (does cygwin model v4 or v3?) that had these problems?
> Would it simplify anything for cygwin to be using POSIX
> acl's -- in so much that those seem to be more
> str8forward in functionality mapping?
> I know nothing about NFS ACL's or how they are different from POSIX ACL's,
> but wondered also if code in the linux kernel or samba projects might have
> any useful bits to use in cygwin only from the basis of what this
> person states about their compatibility?
> It may also be this is a dead issue without someone to do the work, but
> am just wondering if it is, in any fixes or enhancements to the Cygwin ACL
> work something that might be good to consider as a direction for either,
> new or maintenance (or both) work?
> Just seems like code in samba that presents a CIFS UI/API
> to the 'user' from a POSIX ACL UI/API backend,  might have
> some similarities between cygwin code using CIFS to talk to
> the OS and presenting a POSIX ACL UI/API to the 'user'?

I can't speak to the specific issues you're raising or shed any light
on whether they are actually issues with Cygwin.  As far as the Cygwin
implementation is concerned, I believe the links below shed some light
on the original implementation and the direction things are heading.
At this time, the first link still refers to a test version of the
Cygwin package, though the version number is different.


Hope this helps.



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