Exitcode is 0 when killing a cygwin initiated process via taskmanager

- lopiuh@googlemail.com
Tue Dec 23 02:34:00 GMT 2014


>> Any idea how to solve (get the "canceled" exit code? Remember: The
>> script continues like a normal finish of the command)

> What do you mean by "canceled" exit code, pretty please?

oh, any exitcode <> 0 would be nice. Sending sigkill on debian gives a 137.

The point is, I rely on having a successfully executed command, if
exitcode is 0. In this case command is terminated, left garbage and
did not do its job and I go on like everything would be fine. How
should error checking care about such a condition / state?

Any ideas? And by the way, is such a condition in pure GNU/Linux
producible? Sigkill is quite brute force exit isn't it?


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