Strange problem running Cygwin installer

John Lynchehaun
Mon Dec 22 12:28:00 GMT 2014


I have experienced a similar problem with downloading the 32-bit installer.

I have just attempted to download the setup-x86.exe file from; 
I have attempted this on both a Windows XP SP3 machine (yes I know) and a 
Windows 7 Pro SP1 machine.

In both cases Symantec's Norton Internet Security has removed the downloaded 
file, and then submitted a Symantec 'Statistical Submission: WS.Reputation.1' 
to Norton Community Watch:

I have never previously experienced Symantec anti-virus causing a problem 
of any kind with Cygwin; it has always correctly identified the source of 
the installer. I am using the latest version (as of this morning) of Nortons 
and it's definitions.

I noted that the size of the downloaded file at both 769kB (this at 2014-12-22 12:04 UTC) 
and 734kB (this at 2014-12-22 09:08 UTC) is considerably smaller than a download of the 
same version (v1.7.33) performed on 2014-11-18 (at 879kB approx). Is there something 
being missed from the build that be the cause of the problem?

John L.

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