Possible defect in email.exe re: sent timestamp

Richard DeFuria rdefuria@belarc.com
Fri Dec 19 15:51:00 GMT 2014


I noticed a defect in the latest cygwin email.exe tool.

The defect is that the SENT timestamp is 1 hour off (i.e., one hour too
"old" compared to the current system time).

My current email.exe version is as follows:
                $ email -v
                email - By Dean Jones; Version 3.2.0-git

When I send an email using this tool (through my internal smtp server, which
is unchanged), the SENT timestamp is 1 hour old.

When I send an email (via the same command line invocation) from an older
box using an older version of this tool, the SENT timestamp is correct.

The older version of email.exe that creates the correct SENT timestamp is as
                $ email -v
                email - By Dean Jones; Email: *@*.*
                Version 3.1.2 - Date 01/04/2009-03:11:58PM_EST
The command I use on both systems is:
                $ echo "sent `/bin/hostname` at `/bin/date`" | email -V
me@myDomain.com -s "sent `/bin/hostname` at `/bin/date`" -r

TZ is unchanged, but it set as follows on both systems:
                $ echo $TZ

Is there anything you recommend I check?

This seems to have cropped up after my 12/15/2014 update of cygwin.

-R DeFuria
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