Possible resource leak

Petr Titěra petr@titera.eu
Tue Dec 9 13:11:00 GMT 2014

On 9.12.2014 14:05, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Dec  9 13:25, Petr Titěra wrote:
>> On 9.12.2014 10:58, Marco Atzeri wrote:
>>> On 12/9/2014 9:53 AM, Petr Titěra wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I'm dealing with possible resource leak in cygwin on Windows-7. I'm
>>>> running a script which repeatedly calls another script (every 5
>>>> seconds). After a while script ends with memory error. All my memory
>>>> seems to be eaten by Page Table entries and in the memory map I see a
>>>> lot of cygwin processes with 4 pages allocated (I can provide screenshot
>>>> if neccessary). Is this known issue?
>>>> Attached is cygcheck output without any modification.
>>>> Petr Titera
>>> without the scripts or a simplified version that exhibits the issue,
>>> it is impossible to state if it is due to any cygwin programs or it is
>>> due to https://cygwin.com/acronyms/#PEBCAK
>> Hello,
>> I can understand this. And it might definitely be PEBKAC. But what I see is
>> real and I do not thing I've screwed my scripts so much.
>> Attached is simple reproducer I was able to get from my scripts. If you will
>> test it you will have to change base url in fetchData.sh.
>> When I run this script for a while I see a lot of 'zombie' bash, sleep and
>> wget processes in RamMap (they do not show in task manager). I can provide
>> screenshot.
>> If that would matter I run this scrips from truecrypted disk.
> I don't know if that matters but I don't think so.  Running some
> virus scanner (see https://cygwin.com/faq/faq.html#faq.using.bloda)
> may be the culprit.  FWIW, I can't reproduce the issue with the script
> you provided.  Process number (even hidden ones) and memory usage are
> stable.

thanks for pointer. Antivirus can be definitelly problem here. I will 
try to reproduce this on computer without any antivirus.

Petr Titera

> Corinna

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