example for Match Host, in ssh?

Marilo narium85-mlscar@yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 8 03:38:00 GMT 2014

I have managed to get Match Address and Match User to work e.g. I see an effect for 
Match User blah
MaxAuthTries 0

But I cannot get Match Host to work

I have a computer compa   I can ping compa 
but when in sshd_config I do 
Match Host compa 
MaxAuthTries 0

it has no effect

And when I try in ssh_config doing 
Host compaa
  HostName compa

then I try in sshd_config 
Match Host compaa
MaxAuthTries 0

It still have an effect.

i'd like to see an example of using Match Host

Where am I going wrong?  / How can I troubleshoot this?

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