SOLVED Re: Problem with using a packaged cygwin with another cygwin-installation in C:\cygwin

Michael Fritscher
Sun Dec 7 17:42:00 GMT 2014

Hello again,

the error was on my side - I ended mixing running the c:\cygwin\bin\sh and
the local other binaries...

For the curious: Here is the error:

if (new File("").exists()) {
	cygwinSearchPath = TEMP_WINDOWS;
	useLocalFFMPEG = true;
if (new File("c:\\cygwin64\\bin").exists()) {
	cygwinSearchPath = "c:\\cygwin64\\bin\\";
if (new File("c:\\cygwin\\bin").exists()) {
	cygwinSearchPath = "c:\\cygwin\\bin\\";

I forgot 2x else :-/

Best regards,
Michael Fritscher

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