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Corinna Vinschen
Sun Dec 7 09:38:00 GMT 2014

On Dec  6 15:34, Brian Inglis wrote:
>  <rl76 <at>> writes:
> > 06.12.2014 8:27, Brian Inglis пишет:
> >> Belarus Standard Time was dropped in Dec 2011 Win DST update and replaced by
> >> Kaliningrad Standard time “(UTC+03:00) Kaliningrad, Minsk”, reverted in Aug
> >> 2014 Russian time zone updates, which restored Belarus +3:00 Minsk and
> >> readded Kaliningrad +2:00 (RTZ 1).
> >> Check your local Windows TZ selector dropdown or the registry.
> >> The changes already appeared in tz 2014f August release.
> >
> So they missed the August update and didn't actually release the updates
> until September! 
> The Cygwin tz mapping appears to have three upstreams: tz which is updated
> an average dozen times a year (monthly, but may be more frequent for late
> breaking changes like Fiji), but only updated by Cygwin about annually in
> arrears; Windows which is updated a few times a year, if a lot of licenced
> users are affected, and the rest of the changes are addressed with manual TZ
> workarounds; and CLDR, which appears to be updated annually in arrears. 
> The Cygwin tz maintainer needs to track the tz updates and the Windows
> updates, provide patches to keep the CLDR updated, if you depend on it, and
> release updates to the tz package and the Windows mapping with every Windows
> update.

tzset is not part of the tzcode package, it's part of the Core cygwin
package.  Do I hear you volunteering to take over tzset, maintain it
as a standalone package and to keep it always up to date?


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