Basic question about cygport

Andrey Repin
Tue Aug 5 08:35:00 GMT 2014

Greetings, Steven Penny!

> You long winded and baseless insults toward Stack Overflow and myself show
> just how out of touch you are.

I didn't said anything about StackOverflow and/or yourself. If you open your
eyes and read the text you quoted, you'll see it.
And I'm not waving my own stackexchange account like a flag of some sort.

> Why dont do everyone a favor and post something on topic, like an answer to
> the OP, or hush?

When one of twenty people, who can answer your question, see your message and
find time to reply to it, you'll get your answer, if you didn't already.
Meanwhle, please take a note, that when you post a question in mailing list, 
you should provide details in the same message, if at all possible. For 
continuity of the discussion, and for people, who would be searching the same
question later in the archives. If that's not too much of work for you.

Andrey Repin ( 05.08.2014, <12:21>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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